Sunday, January 21, 2007

How Long....?

Monday marks the 34th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision which legalized abortion in this country. Since that time an estimated 40 million plus babies have been murdered within the wombs of their mothers. While at times I attempt to take a meditative perspective on my topic, this time I am simply going to speak from the passion of my heart.

To abort means to bring to a sudden halt a process that has already begun. This is what it means to abort a mission, or a project. To have an abortion is to bring to a sudden halt the process of LIFE. It is no less than another human being who is being snuffed out, largely for the sake of convenience.

I am certain that were an army of barbarians to descend on a nursery, or a whole state of nurseries, and mercilessly slaughter every child within, there would be a national outrage. Well, we are the barbarians and we are slaughtering children every moment. Where is the outrage???

I get so sick of the politically correct newspeak which calls the baby a fetus, an abortion a choice, and sexual immorality freedom. Enough!!! This is truly madness. Our society is in complete meltdown before our eyes. We're more concerned about whales and trees than about our own flesh and blood. How did we ever get so warped?

What of those suffering from the effects of abortion? They are victims too. Women (and men) without number are suffering in agonizing silence over abortions they had long ago. No one talks about such things. Any woman who has felt the first stirrings of life within her knows innately what is taking place in an abortion. A part of her dies with that child. Many men are also victims. On the outside they have to appear cavalier as if they don't care. But they do. They really do!!!

Many think that the answer to rape or incest is to violate the poor girl again to suck the innocent child out of her. We are compounding the problem, not solving it.

I could go on. You get the drift. But when will it stop. When will America wake up? Will it be when the economy finally goes into a complete tailspin due to lack of young people to support the increasing rolls of retirees? Is it when we can no longer put a band aid on public education because there are not enough students enrolling in our colleges to maintain enrollment? Is it when all the flaming liberals of the baby boomer generation finally see that the fruit of their selfish decisions will be to die lonely deaths without the children to care for them because they were aborted? Really, when does it end? When do we wake up? When does the madness cease?

I have no confidence in politics or public opinion polls. Those people all suffer from the same malady that got us here: extreme selfishness! We put the Republicans in office on the assumption that they really gave a rip about life issues and what did they do? Not a lot! And not nearly enough! Now with the liberals poised to take control, do we think it will be any better?

As always our only hope is in God. The only problem is that God has committed Himself to allowing us to make our own choices. However, He is equally committed to allowing us to suffer the consequences of those decisions. Jesus said that those who live by the sword will die by the sword. If we have been merciless to the helpless and innocent we cannot expect mercy from God. The society that chooses the culture of death will simply die.

God is merciful, and He will receive our repentance. But apart from that, there will truly be hell to pay!


Blogger Joni said...

Hard words, Patrick. But true. So very, very true.

It is time we stopped trying to "white wash" the issue. It is time to speak out the truth.

Thank you for doing just that!

10:20 AM  

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