Sunday, February 11, 2007

Richer Or Poorer

This weekend I went to two different churches.

The first was a local Catholic parish. We have worshiped there before. It is always very enjoyable. There we heard a wonderfully encouraging word about our mission in this world and being people, not of this world, but of the kingdom. The second was the church I grew up in- a Pentecostal church. There was excellent singing and such vibrancy among the people.

As I sat in the Pentecostal church I thought, "They don't have the Eucharist, the liturgy, the prayers, and they are the poorer for it." But I also thought, "Most Catholic churches do not have the same vibrancy of life, wonderful worship in song, or the passion for reaching the lost of our world. And we are the poorer for it."

The result of the Protestant Reformation is that it leaves Christians separated and estranged from each other. The Church, and by that I mean the Catholic Church, is the poorer because so many Christians with wonderful giftings worship and work outside of her. However, these same Christians struggle along without the Grace found in the sacraments or the richness and wisdom that can only be found in the Catholic Church.

What would happen if we could put it all together? How wonderful that would be! I know there are some who are trying to do exactly that. They have formed new fellowships or denominations trying to fuse together the best of all. But that's not what I am proposing. Rather I am aching that the various Protestant sects will end their separation and come home to the Church. With them inside, rather than outside, the Church would be blessed and uplifted through their gifts. They in turn would be able to add to the vibrancy of their faith the riches and Grace that they have been without for so long.

This is what the Church was called to be. And by God's Grace this is what she will be again soon. May we all take our places there to labor together for the kingdom of heaven!


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Blogger Joni said...

Again, you give us much to ponder...and fill us with hope for what can and should be.

Thank you!

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Very nice

Tony aka: the Baloney Man :o)

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